My Trip To Spain: Traveling Around Costa del Sol

My adventures started in Malaga Airport last summer when I fell in love with the Andalusia region of the south coast of Spain. There is so much to do and see you really are spoilt for choice. Even the new terminal at the airport has that wow factor with a huge glass fronted entrance that […]

Shawinigan: Quebec & The French Philosophy

I come from a very small district in Quebec that is twinned with an area close to Shawinigan. Back in 2012 I made great friends with a local “Jean Chrétien” and we often met for coffee and to chat about world affairs and financial decisions taken by world governments. Jean Chrétien s’implique dans les Jeux du Québec […]

Spain: Playing golf in the great outdoors

With a deathwatch hanging over the Links course in the past couple of years, Quarry Oaks Spain now has a new lease on life as four new owners have taken over operation of the Alex Jordan area layout. The new owners all hail from southern Europe, and one of the group, Dave, arrived in Spain […]

Site Help

Please note that the abbreviations WMA and FWA are used through out this list. WMA is Wildlife Management Area, and FWA is a Department of Fish and Wildlife Access Area. WMA’s are the property of either Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife or New York Department of Environmental Conservation. For more information about other sites in the Trail […]

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